Psalm 31 Sing Psalms (Finnart)

1 In you I’ve taken refuge, LORD;
You are my shelter in distress.
O let me never be ashamed,
But save me in your righteousness.

2 LORD, turn your ear to hear my cry;
Come quickly to deliver me,
And be my rock and firm defence,
My stronghold and security.

3 You are my fortress and my rock;
For your name’s sake be my sure guide.
4 Preserve me from the trap that’s set;
You are the refuge where I hide.

5 Redeem me, LORD, O God of truth;
My spirit I commit to you.
6 I hate all those who trust false gods;
I trust the LORD, for he is true.

7 I will rejoice and take delight
In all the love that you have shown,
For my affliction you have seen;
To you my soul’s distress is known.