Sing Praise!

“Let Everything that has breath praise the Lord!”

In these strange times of cancelled church meetings and social isolation we thankfully have access to plenty of good sermons but limited opportunity to join together and sing praises to the Lord.

The High Free Church Praise Band have had an idea, so help us out with an experiment……

If you’re a musician, budding musician, singer or can hold half a tune and want to join in, Click on a link below, put some headphones on and record your efforts. Email them to me as an mp3 file with the title of the Psalm/Hymn as the subject and if they’re suitable I’ll add them to the mix

If you’re not any of the above, then please enjoy singing along at home. The words are provided below the tracks.

Keep checking back to the links below. As more folk record themselves I’m updating the tracks so they’ll hopefully sound slightly ‘fuller’ every time you visit.

The first 9
The next 9
Another 9
Piano Medley of old Hymns

*Please feel free to use anything you find on this website to assist with worship in your own church or fellowship or home.*

Hot tip: Listen to the recording through headphones on one device such as a laptop or ipad whilst recording your voice/instrument on a second device such as a phone.

I’ll add the files as soon as possible after receiving them and then upload the newly mixed version as quickly as I can. Check back here after a day or two and listen in.

Praise item suggestions are welcomed – even better if you can lay down a version of your favourite psalm or hymn that I can upload so we can join you in worshipping our Lord and Saviour. If you do this please send a copy of the words you’re using.

All I ask is that you choose items which are in the public domain – That’s usually items over 50 or 70 years old – to avoid falling foul of copyright laws. (The Getty’s seem to have very kindly lifted their copyright restrictions during the current pandemic so they should be OK to use too)